Forms & Links

Application Process

 1)      Application Submitted

2)      Applications Reviewed & Qualifications Screened

3)      Pre-Employment Assessment

  •       Presentation of ACCUPLACER Test Results, or

                 (Passing scores are: Reading 55, Sentence Structure 60)

  •       Presentation of COMPASS Test Results

                 (Passing scores are: Reading 70, Writing 32, and Math 0) 

4)      Background Investigation

  •       Criminal History Records Check

  •       Driver’s license/Traffic records check

  •       Credit history check

  •       Verification of any questionable credentials

  •       Interview of previous employers

  •       Interview with personal references

5)      Cordele Police Department Interview Board

6)      Placement on the List of Eligible Candidates

7)      Conditional Offer of Employment

8)      Digital Voice Stress Analysis or Polygraph Examination

9)      Psychological Testing

10)    Medical Examination & Review of Physiological  

          Examination Results

11)    Final Interview with the Chief of Police

12)    Probationary Appointment

*Please allow ample time before beginning the application as it is lengthy and must be completed within one visit (cannot be saved and retrieved at a later time). If you log off before completing all steps, you will have to start over when you return.