1. How do I obtain a copy of a police report?

All police reports are released in accordance with the Georgia Open Records Act.  Cordele Police reports are available Monday thru Friday from 8am to 7pm.   Reports can be obtained by email, fax or in person. Cost is listed in the schedule of fees. (Email cordelepd@cityofcordele.com) Fax number is 229-276-2559. Attach Open records request form.

2.  How do I find out how much a traffic citation will cost?

3.  Where do I go to pay my traffic citation?

Before the Court Date
If your citation was issued within the City of Cordele Limits 
it can be paid on line thru Ticket FastPay.
Of course, citations can also be paid in person at the Cordele Police Department Monday thru Friday from 8am to 7pm.  You may pay with cash, money order, cashier’s check or debit/credit card.
Payments may be mailed in to Cordele Municipal Court, PO Box 569, Cordele, GA 31010. 

After Court Date
You must contact Cordele Municipal Court Clerk 229-276-2916 to pay a citation that is past the court date.  Tickets cannot be paid on line after the court date.

4.  Can I make a report at any time or do I need an appointment?

  • The police department responds to calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  An officer will come to your residence or business unless you specify another location to initiate an investigation. 

  • Dial 911 and the dispatcher will ask a few short questions before sending an officer.

  • You may also speak to an officer at the Cordele Police Department.  A front desk clerk is on duty Monday thru Friday from 8am to 7pm to assist you.

  • Some reports can be taken over the phone.  However, it is usually best for an officer to meet with you.

5.  Does the police department fingerprint for the public and when can I have my fingerprints done?  

Yes.  Officers will fingerprint someone for job applications and alcohol applications.  You must provide us with a picture id and social security card.  Cost is $15 for manual prints and $25 for electronic printing.  This service is available anytime.

6.  How do I obtain a criminal history check? 

To obtain a criminal history check, you must show your picture id and social security card.  A consent form must be completed and the cost is $15.  The history checks Georgia records only and must be done in person.  Histories may be obtained 24/7 and only take a few moments to obtain.  (Consent Forms will soon be available to download here.)

7. Why does it take so long for the police to come when I call?  

During an emergency a few seconds can seem like hours.  The average response time for the Cordele Police Department is less than 5 minutes.  All requests for police service are assigned a priority based upon the seriousness of the incident and the potential for injury or damage to property.  At times, calls of a less urgent nature must be delayed so officers can respond immediately to more pressing calls.

8.  Where do I go to apply for a permit to carry a pistol? 

Contact Crisp County Probate Court at 229-271-4731 to obtain an application for a pistol permit.

9.  How do I get a protective order?  

Contact Cordele Magistrate Court at 229-271-4728 for information on protective orders. Restraining orders require the assistance of an attorney through a petition in the Superior Court of Crisp County.

10.  How can I obtain a driver’s history check (MVR)? 

The State of Georgia does not allow local agencies to provide driver’s history information on individuals.  You may obtain your own driver’s history by contacting Georgia Department of Driver’s Services.  Cordele office is located at 409 S Midway Road.  Contact number is 866-754-3687.

11.  How can I join the police department?  

We are always looking for bright, energetic candidates for employment.  Applications can be picked up and returned to City Hall Monday - Friday 8am-5pm to obtain an application from Human Resources. You may also apply online by completing the
application on our employment page. .

12.  How do I make a complaint on a police officer?  

You can contact the police department and ask to speak with the officer’s supervisor or you can compete the
form on this page. A citizen’s complaint form must be completed. All complaints will be investigated and we will be glad to provide you with the outcome. 

13.  How do I contact animal control?  

The Cordele Police Department’s Animal Control Officer (ACO) is on duty Monday - Friday 8am -5pm. The ACO answers complaints regarding strays, nuisance animals, or neglected cases on dogs and cats.  The ACO can be contacted by calling the police department at 229-276-2921.  

14.  Does Cordele have a curfew violation for minors?  

Click here Section 12-13 for ordinance.

  • Old accident and incident reports are kept in archives. At no time do we purge these records. However, some older reports have been damaged. We will be glad to check for a report but cannot guarantee if we still have it or not.