and best practices that are used to improve agency management and systems.   There are 129 standards which reflect the best professional requirements and practices for a law enforcement agency. The department is committed to providing our community and visitors with a level of service that is above reproach.

Are YOU looking to adopt a pet?

Check out our Facebook page to see the animals that we currently have available for adoption.  You may also contact animal control at 229-276-2921 Monday - Friday 8am -5pm to set up an appointment to view the animals at the shelter. Our fees for adoption are inexpensive and covers the cost of having your pet neutered or spayed. ​

Georgia House Bill 1181 states that all animals adopted from animal shelters and humane societies must be neutered or spayed by a licensed veterinarian within 30 days of adoption.

Do You Have What

It Takes?

For more info on requirements or to make application for a position with the Cordele Police Dept., please visit our "EMPLOYMENT" page!

The Law Enforcement Certification program is a comprehensive set of guidelines and standards that summarizes contemporary thought 

Cordele Police Department

The Administrative Division is responsible for all Support Services with the Police Department. The Administrative Division manages administrative functions of the department that supports the Uniform and Detective Divisions. Their responsibilities include property and evidence, training, records, certification and accreditation, homeland security, technology, fleet maintenance, the animal shelter, and public information. Additionally, personnel are assigned to the Administrative Division are responsible for the department’s participation in the Law Enforcement State Certification program.

The Uniform Division of the Cordele Police Department are the men and women of the department that respond to the calls for service.  The Uniform Division is generally considered the backbone of a police agency, because it is made up the largest group of officers, and their effectiveness is measured every day by the variety of calls they must be prepared to answer and the effectiveness with which they handle each call.  

This division is responsible for general investigations within the city and investigate felony incidents such as: assaults, domestic violence, sex crimes, financial crimes, gun crimes, homicides and robberies. This section is also responsible for collecting, documenting and preserving evidence from crime scenes.