Volunteer Opportunities

Since our beginning, the Cordele Animal Shelter (CAS) has been dedicated to serve the animals who come through our doors each year, volunteer assistance is essential to provide care and attention, as well as raise funds and awareness in the community.

What is a Volunteer?
From washing cats and dogs to counseling potential adopters, we have many roles available for you to work directly with the animals! There is always a need for your help at our facility. Whether it is showing off deserving animals at the shelter, one of the local businesses, or help cats and dogs find forever homes at offsite events. Help us showcase our animals locally and at various venues in Cordele.

Volunteering at the Cordele Animal Shelter can give you the opportunity to support your community, make a difference in the lives of animals, and provide care for our four footed friends in need of adoption.  Help CAS to raise awareness of shelter and the animals by manning a booth at local event or giving presentations for local school and community groups. Take a shelter dog and you’ll be an instant hit!

Here are few ways you can volunteer:

  • Adoption – Greeter, counselor
  • Socialization/Training – Working with dogs and cats
  • Spay/Neuter – Must be a licensed Veterinarian
  • Education – Developing programs, youth
  • Financials – Deposits, Excel spreadsheet
  • Housekeeping – Cleaning the animals, shelter, and etc.
  • Fundraising – Special events, raising $
  • Office – Phone calls, emails, screen applicants
  • Marketing – Newsletter, publications
  • Transportation – Transporting animals to various rescues
  • Foster Parent – Foster a shelter animal
  • Other – Dog Banks, Shelter Display, Cartridge recycling

Locating, raising, and developing fundraising opportunities provides the life-saving funds our animals need to be rescued.   Working at fundraising events, managing a donation canister location, making thank-you calls, and more.

Fostering an Animal

The Friends depend on many volunteers to help care for the animals that come through our doors each year. One of the most honored volunteer roles is becoming a foster parent for our companion animals. These parents are our satellite heroes. Foster families provide temporary animal housing for a number of reasons: some animals need extra attention because they are very young; others need to learn human interaction skills; and, in some cases, we are simply overflowing at our facility.  Temporarily bring an animal into your home and heart! Take home a nursing mom and her litter, or care for an animal recovering from an illness or injury. Can’t commit to a longer-term foster? No problem! Try our Slumber Party, and give an adoptable dog an overnight break from the shelter.

How does fostering help the shelter?
It provides safe, loving homes for temporary care of animals who can be successfully adopted, but are not yet ready to move into the adoption process. Many times, young kittens or puppies are just too small for adoption. Other times a scared dog or cat who was stray or abandoned needs to learn to trust humans again before finding their forever homes. Finally, foster homes allow us to care for many more animals than our limited structure would allow each year, giving us the chance to save more animals.

Who can become a Foster Parent?
The Friends welcome all volunteers who want to open their home to help foster animals. All types and sizes of homes and family circumstances are needed. Sometimes it is important that there are other animals in the home, sometimes it is important that there are not. Many of our foster families have children, many do not. Each situation is examined uniquely and matched according to the best opportunity for success.

In addition to helping homeless animals, this is a great avenue for your family to determine if one day you and your family want to adopt into your home.

How can you Foster an Animal?
Consider if you or your family is interested in helping animals by providing temporary loving shelter for them and helping them move on to succeed as companion animals in their forever homes.  Complete our volunteer application and a brief screening with shelter staff. Animals are placed with successful foster applicants according to their individual requirements and shelter capacity. Some foster situations last only days, others may span several months. It varies for each situation and animal need.  All aspects are discussed carefully with you before placement. The shelter assumes responsibility for the foster animal’s medical care and food. The foster family provides encouragement, guidance, and love.

Become a Volunteer
Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Cordele Animal Shelter. Many different opportunities are available, both hands-on and behind the scenes. Here are some of the many reasons why volunteering is a fun and rewarding experience:

  • Spend time with adoptable cats and dogs—fun for you, and beneficial for them!
  • Help homeless dogs and cats to find their forever homes and families.
  • Meet other people who share your passion for animals.
  • Learn valuable skills that could translate to animal-related careers or hobbies.
  • Earn community service hours for school or work.
  • Make a difference for two- and four-legged citizens in your local community.

We are looking for team members with a passion for animals and customer service, who can maintain a regular volunteering schedule for at least six months. We offer training, flexibility, and a variety of opportunities to match your interests.

Ready to get started? Wonderful! Complete a volunteer application

For more information, please contact our Animal Shelter Manager, at 229-276-2547