Law Enforcement State Certification

Major Jeremy Taylor is assigned as the department’s Certification Coordinator.  Maj. Taylor is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the department’s compliance with the standards set forth in the Georgia Law Enforcement Certification Program. There are 129 standards which reflect the best professional requirements and practices for a law enforcement agency. The department is committed to providing our community and visitors with a level of service that is above reproach.

The department is currently in the process of becoming certified and is expecting to obtain certification in February, 2018.  

Major Jeremy Taylor

In 1990 the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police, the Department of Community Affairs, the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council, the Georgia Sheriff’s Association, the Georgia Municipal Association, and the Georgia Association of County Commissioners came together through a collaborative partnership and developed the Georgia Law Enforcement Certification Program. The Law Enforcement Certification program is a comprehensive set of guidelines and standards that summaries contemporary thought and best practices that are used to improve agency management and systems.