The Detective Division of the Cordele Police Department is commanded by Captain Scott Farrow and takes up where the Uniform Division leaves off: tracking the offender and making the case against him or her. These responsibilities fall to the detectives who conduct the actual criminal investigation.

This division is generally responsible for general investigations within the city and investigate felony incidents such as: assaults, domestic violence, sex crimes, financial crimes, gun crimes, homicides and robberies. This section is also responsible for collecting, documenting and preserving evidence from crime scenes.

The Detective Division and also School Resource Officers are assigned to the middle schools within Cordele. The SRO is responsible for making sure the campus is a safe learning environment. The SRO patrols the campus in an effort to help deter any actions that could interfere with classroom instruction or the safety of the school. The SRO also provides security at most extracurricular activities. 

Detective Division

Captain Scott Farrow